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Welcome to The Ultraflex Academy of dance, FlexYoStyle teaching method Online Dance Academy, your one-stop-shop for all your dance needs FlexYoStyle is for EVERYONE Our Online Academy has created the opportunity for new and fun ways in which we can learn, Improve and Master our Dance, Flexibility and Mindfulness skills.


Why have I created the Online Dance Academy?

I have been teaching in schools and creches for over 24 years and loved every minute. Covid has finally given me the oppertuinty to create an on-demand service where teachers can now choose the day and times they wish to do dance class. So often I would see the huge effort teachers and staff would go to when I would arrive at schools ensuring every child had the opportunity to experience dance.

This meant the world to me, especially knowing that for some students this would be their only opportunity to take part in dance classes due to finance or just logistical reasons. I also know the unbelievable effort schools and creches go to when trying to facilitate our dance days. Covid restrictions have now made this even harder.

I wanted to create an online platform where teachers, staff and students could access our class content at a time that suited them and as often as they wished keeping it affordable and easy to use.

This is my first online programme for schools and creches and I would love your feedback on how you think it would work best in your school, what you would like to see more or less of? and how I can develop it into the ultimate dance teaching tool for schools and creches worldwide. This is my dream for my online academy and I want to thank you for joining me on this next chapter of my business.


Our unique 5 step teaching method has the perfect balance of technique & flexibility. Stretching and strengthening the body & mind, Flexible body, flexible mind.


Teaches students how to be calm, be still, relax the body and mind through connecting with our breathing and understand the power of our breath and mindfulness.


Because every BODY has its own unique style. We help bring that to life through DANCE enjoying styles such as Hip Hop, Freestyle, Musical & 

Free expressive movement.


“Just have to say the online classes have been brilliant for my daughter Elsa, Elsa has autism and Kim and crew are fantastic - honestly online or live in classes, great.”

Liz, Elsa's Mom - Craughwell.

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The benefits of joining our Online Academy

● Step-by-Step Instruction
● Expert Tuition at your fingertips
● Students at their own pace
● You choose the time to work with your schedule

● Practice as often as you want
● Offer your students new experiences where they can be brave and get a chance to try new things
● Nature your talent of the arts
● Help students improve their flexibility and fitness
● Promote physical activity in a fun way
● Excellent for brain breaks in the classroom
● Stay motivated while having loads of fun
● A fun activity for students to do with their classmates
● Keep active and fit the fun way
● Experiment with new challenges and build your confidence
● Release emotion through dance
● A safe space for self-expression and creativity
● Practice self-regulating while calming the mind and body

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Here is more of what our members had to day about our Online Academy!

“It's our Friday night ritual and we would be lost without it now. The whole family got involved. I didn't realise how much you did until I did a class. It's great fun and my daughter had a good laugh at us trying to keep up with her. Thank you”

Mary B.

“Since joining the online academy we have had the fun factor back in our home. She comes off the call buzzing and bursting for more. Thank god for the online academy she spends hours just practising away and is so delighted to have finally got her splits.

Thank you for being so proactive”

Sarah C.